Commercial and Security Printing

The commercial and security printing operations are carried out of its Mumbai, Tarapur & Silvasa based units.

This division produces books, IPO/FPO application forms, annual reports, computer stationery, puzzles, jigsaw books and more.

Orient Press is also a leading private player in the security printing space and is recognised by the Reserve Bank of India, the Indian Banks Association and other accrediting authorities. The company's client base spans the Who's Who of corporate India from both the public and the private sectors and has a significant presence in the export market as well.

With Impeccable and zero-error expertise, the security printing division offers corporate India competitively priced products such as:

  • Recharge vouchers
  • Smart cards
  • MICR cheques
  • Share and bond certificates
  • Tickets and coupons for the Indian Railways
  • Holograms
  • Scratch cards
  • Note books

As part of its commitment to stay in touch with tomorrow, the company will soon be expanding its operation at a strategic location.